Working Out While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a difficult 9 months! Thankfully one of our SUPER MOM clients Jessica was able to continue her workouts throughout her pregnancy. Jess believes this helped relieve stress and gave her a few hours each week to truly focus on herself. Checkout what she had to say about training with her personal trainer Trevor:

“Trevor was such a trooper throughout. Not only was he super flexible and graceful with me – some days showing up at the gym felt like a workout in and of itself – he still pushed me to get the workout in we both new I needed physically and emotionally. He also helped me work through all of the aches and pains pregnancy brings. From lower back and inner hamstring pains to tight hips, he made sure to leave time at the beginning and end of every workout to help me stretch without hurting myself.” -Jess

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To learn more about Jessica’s pregnancy and how working out helped check out her blog! Jessica Palm