About Us

Live Fit is exclusively a personal training facility. Opened in March, 2011 by Chris Anderson. Chris has a Masters Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Central Missouri, is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and has trained in the KC area for over 10 years. 

Live Fit now has two locations with 13 certified personal trainers on staff. Each trainer is certified in at least one, if not many, different exercise programs and all have college degrees.

We have many methods to help reach your fitness goals:

  • Weight/Strength Training

  • Cardio

  • Circuit Training

  • Pilates Reformer

  • Private Yoga

  • Recovery Sessions

  • Mitt Boxing

  • Sports Specific Training

  • Performance Training

  • Youth Personal Training

“Our Mission is to help our clients make continual progress by designing an individualized program that provides safe and effective results while building a trusting relationship that lasts a lifetime.”

If you are interested in any of the methods we offer please Contact Us Today!