What Our Clients Say

“Since working with Live Fit I feel better, less stressed, and stronger than I have been in years. These guys know their stuff and understand how to run a professional service.”
— Zach B.
“I enjoy working with Jackie. She is professional, organized, challenging and fun! She comes from a running background and that’s helpful for me as a runner to stay healthy and injury free for workouts and keeping me going. Would highly recommend her to anyone.”
— Mona K.
“I have benefited so much from Live Fit – I feel better about myself and feel like I am a better role model for my daughter. Jessica is an amazing trainer! Takes you where you are at and pushes you to new levels. I totally recommended this program to anyone!”
— Beth N.
“I have been training with Chris since January of 2013…not only am I more fit and looking and FEELING better, I’ve developed friendships with the staff there. Very accommodating to my incredibly hectic schedule and therapeutic to my well-being!! Great place to be a part of!”
— Kortnee S.
Kathy is one of the best Corrective exercise fitness professionals in the business. Kathy’s knowledge comes from having been there, done that, and owning a vast number of t-shirts. She is compassionate and intuitive and has never had a bad day in her life (or at least you’d never know it)!
— Kurt K.
“Jackie has been amazing in my weight loss journey. She has whipped my body into shape. I’ve lost 90lbs and I’m still going strong.”
— Erin S.
“I came to Live Fit looking for help to change my lifestyle and mentality of weight loss, but more importantly, I needed results. I have not only received results but now I find myself looking forward to going to see Jessica. I also have a new motivation to continue my exercising outside of my sessions with her. I have never felt better in my life and I have no plans to stop my diet and exercise in the near future.”
— Angie G.
Our 12 year old son looks forward to training at Live Fit every Saturday. Colby has really enjoyed the personal attention and is excited to learn. Live Fit is fantastic with kids and works at Colby’s feel. If you are looking for a place for your young athlete Live Fit is a great spot! Thanks!
— Cobly B.
“I’ve been working with Jackie for over 2 years and have LOVED the experience! Jackie knows that women can be athletes too, and by fully understanding my goals enables her to implement a plan that pushes me to the limits that work best for me. Over my short time training, I’ve become significantly stronger, improved my fitness, lost weight, and gained confidence. I’m 46 years old, yet I look and feel the best I’ve felt since college! Thanks Jackie and Live Fit!”
— Jody H.
Kathy Coon-Boucher has a gifted and fun way of changing my “Fatitudes” into healthy “Attitudes” that are life-changing! She’s a God-send and truly cares about making the journey holistic (body, soul and spirit). I’m humbled by her constant encouragement and stamina to point towards moving forward no matter what! She’s got what it takes and then some. God bless you Coachie!
— Lisa S.
“Training with Jackie at Live Fit has been a great change in my workout routine. As a busy Mom, I seem to not have a lot of extra time for working out. Jackie has designed a program for me that has improved my overall appearance. It is never the same routine so I do not get bored. I love the mix of cardio, core and weights. I love the smaller fitness atmosphere and the personal one on one training as opposed to a bigger gym feel. She gives me exercises and a homework plan that are perfect for doing at home. I look forward to our weekly sessions. I would recommend Live Fit to anyone looking to get Fit.”
— Gaby M.
“Jackie always greets me with a smile. She is always on time and prepared. She plans my sessions, makes sure my form is correct, and tracks my progress, gradually increasing the exercise difficulty. She encourages me to do more than I would ever do on my own. Jackie is knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition, and (even though I don’t always take her advice) she suggests improvements to my diet. I appreciate her genuine interest in my fitness goals and my life in general. I would not get the regular exercise I need without Jackie (and Lukas and Live Fit). Jackie is fun and easy to talk to, and I consider her more than my trainer. Jackie is my friend.”
— Leslie R.
“I have been training at Live Fit for over 6 months, and am very happy with their professionalism, dedication, and warmth. My trainer is always prepared with a custom workout that has been different every time, and geared toward my goals. I always have her total attention, and she cares about more than just what happens during the hour that I am there. She offers great tips on diet, and how I can tweak what I’m doing at home. She’s encouraging in a firm, but motivating way. I would definitely recommend her as a trainer!”
— Vicki L.
“Working out with Jessica has been great. She is very personable, really cares about my progress, and I leave after my workout feeling happier, stronger, and very encouraged. I love coming to Live Fit to workout.”
— Becky W.
I have trained at Live Fit two or three hours per week since it opened and with Chris before that. In all that time I cannot recall missing work due to illness. My training has given me more energy, weight control and greater confidence. Live Fit allows me to work out with multiple skilled trainers. This gives me needed variety and assures someone is always available to work with me.
— Glenn B.
“I came to Live Fit with special health concerns and looking for a an experience tailored to my needs and lack of confidence. My trainer Trent is mindful of my needs at each session. I find my confidence and strength improving with each visit.” Live Fit is an unusually special place to get fit and regain the motivation to take back your health!”
— Cheryl R.

*These are all opinions, individual results may vary.  Results are not guaranteed.