Back To School 2019

Unfortunately summer is officially coming to an end which means it is time to head back to school. We are so proud of all our students and teachers that worked so hard all summer to be ready for the new school year.

Live Fit will miss our college students that are heading back to school, we can’t wait for them to return during school breaks to hear all about their college experience.

We also can’t wait for our younger students to come in after their first day of school and tell us all about their new teachers and which friends are in their classes!

Lastly I think the group of people we would like to praise the most is our teachers and administrators! What you do for the students in the area is amazing! We would be nothing without YOU!

Good Luck!


Your Live Fit Family


TRX Training at Live Fit

Who has heard of TRX Training? Have you ever wonder if that type of exercise was for you, how is it different then typical exercising, and where you can try it?

TRX Training is a type of suspension training that uses your body weight to increase or decrease exercise difficulty. This type of suspension training also adds a level of balance training; this helps increase strength, balance, core stability, and joint health.

TRX training is a great exercises for all fitness levels! If you are looking to increase your explosiveness for a sport or increase your joint health to prevent falls TRX is the workout for you!

Where can you try TRX training? At Live Fit of course! Come in today to try a session or call to set up your FREE consultation. Hope to hear from you soon.

Muscle Recovery at Live Fit

Muscle recovery options at Live Fit

Muscle recovery options at Live Fit

You know we love to get new equipment to make sure we are able to provide the best service to our clients! Our newest piece of equipment is a HyperVolt.

I am sure you’re wondering what is the HyperVolt? The HyperVolt allows for a customizable massage experience! It will relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, improve your range of motion and accelerate your recovery time. The perfect addition to a workout routine!

Interested in trying a session today? Call now for a FREE consultation hope to see you soon!

2019 Visionary Award

Always fun to get something like this in the mail! The fact that we earned enough revenue to be in the top 25% is such an amazing feat! There is no way we could have made this happen with out all our amazing clients! You all have put us on the map and we are so thankful!

The thought of having 2 locations and 12 trainers was not even a thought for us 8 years ago when we started out in a 800 square foot studio with only 1 trainer. With the assistance of our personal trainers and our amazing clients this was all possible.

Please as always let us know if we can make your experience at Live Fit any better, we are only here because of YOU!

Well Rounded Fitness

Well Rounded Fitness, what does that mean? Over the years I have trained at Live Fit I have learned that most of our clients are not looking to be the strongest, fastest, or most flexible person in the room; what they are looking for is to be well rounded. Now what does that mean you ask? I have learned the majority of our clients want three main things from training, they want to increase their strength, increase their endurance, and become pain free. But each of these goals come with different requirements then some might think. Our clients want to be strong but they are not trying to look like Arnold, our clients want to increase their endurance but for the purpose of jogging around the park with their kids not to run the Boston marathon, and last our clients want to be flexible and pain free but maybe not an expert yogi.

Saying all of that we are so thankful to have such well rounded trainers at Live Fit. Each of our trainers has multiple specialties to ensure their clients are receiving the best workout for their fitness level and goals. Whether it is to become the strongest, fastest, or most flexible person in the room…or maybe not! Many of our trainers specialize in everything from yoga to strength training and everything in between. We are also thankful that each of our trainers are willing to continue to learn; whether it is a new piece of fitness equipment or just another skill set our trainers are ready to tackle the challenge.

Check out each of our trainers and let us know if you would like to try a workout with one of them!

Drake is adding to his personal training skill set by learning how to teach Mitt Boxing

Drake is adding to his personal training skill set by learning how to teach Mitt Boxing

How Modifications are Beneficial

Tricep Dip Modification

Tricep Dip Modification

Modifications can be made to almost all exercises! Modifications can be used to make an exercise easier, harder, or change the muscle groups being utilized. This means there is never an exercise that is too hard or easy for you to perform.

Check out below for a list of ways to make an exercise easier: 

  • Change the angle of your body  
  • Reduce the amount of reps
  • Drop the weight  
  • Reduce your range of motion  

Now here is a list of ways to make an exercise harder:  

  • Perform exercise on an unstable surface  
  • Add weight  
  • Add pulses or a static hold to each movement  
  • Slow down your movements or work one side at a time  

Our personal trainers at Live Fit will always provide a workout that is appropriate for your fitness level and goals. Stop by today to see the facilities!  

Why Women Should Perform Chest Exercises

Why Women Should Perform Chest Exercises

Why Women Should Perform Chest Exercises

Chest exercises for Women, a good idea? Heck YES! Lets squash the first misconception a lot of people have…women SHOULD lift heavy weights! And chest exercises are a great start for many reasons including; increased upper body strength, better posture, and perkier boobs (lets be honest who doesn’t want or need that).

Chest exercises can be modified to accommodate women of all fitness levels. Start with inclined push ups, then try dumbbell bench press, and graduate to heavy bench press. As always come into Live Fit to receive additional exercises and let us help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Why Gym Memberships are Not an Option at Live Fit

Why doesn’t Live Fit offer gym memberships?

Why doesn’t Live Fit offer gym memberships?

A question we get every once in a while is “Why does Live Fit not offer gym memberships?” There are many reasons but I wanted to focus on a few of the more important reasons.

  • Prevent Over Crowding: Live Fit does not offer gym memberships because we want the gym to feel intimate. We never want our members to have to wait on equipment or sacrifice their workout because there is not enough space for them to perform a specific exercise. Getting to the gym is a big accomplishment and we want you to get the most out of your time and effort!

  • Provide a Comfortable Space: Live Fit does not offer gym memberships because we want all of our members to feel comfortable and confident. Making the decision to begin a workout program can be over whelming and intimidating, we want every member to be able to feel comfortable at Live Fit. We do this by providing over 5,000 sqft of gym area including a large turf area, private yoga and pilates areas, and separated strength areas. We hope this provides the appropriate area for each of our members.

  • The Gym Should Feel Like Family: Live Fit does not offer gym memberships because we want to personally know each of our members. We want the gym to feel like a family and some where that our members can come and feel comfortable with all of our personal trainers. All of our personal trainers are invested in helping our members reach their goals safely and efficiently and will work together so each member has the best experience every time they walk into the gym.

As amazing as gym memberships are they just do not fit with our mission at Live Fit! We hope this can help clarify and explain why Live Fit is a bit different from other gyms in the Kansas City area.

Please let me know if you have any questions we can answer!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

2019 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

2019 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Can you believe Mother’s Day is right around the corner, May 12th to be exact! Sometimes shopping for mom can be difficult so we asked a few of our personal trainers at Live Fit what they were thinking about getting their moms or what they were hoping to get if they were moms! Check out the list below!

Gift Certificate for Personal Training from Live Fit!

  • We offer gift certificates for personal training all year long but Mother’s Day is always a great time to spoil mom! One of our trainers is getting his mom a gift certificate for a Muscle Recovery session but any type of training would be a great option! If you are interested in a gift certificate call or email today!

Planned Family Dinner

  • One of our trainers that is a mom is hoping for a planned dinner! Mom is typically the organizer so how nice would it be for her to just show up to a family dinner? You could schedule take out or even go as crazy as cooking dinner for her! The thought is what counts the most.

Flowers or Plants for her Garden

  • My mom’s happy place is out side each year for Mother’s Day we pick up different flowers and plants and help her plant them in her back yard. This is a gift she gets to enjoy all summer! We typically go to Suburban Lawn and Garden because they have a great selection and are always helpful picking out the appropriate type of plants for my mom’s back yard.

Do you have any great ideas for mom? I am sure a few of our trainers could use some more ideas!

Try Hundreds of Exercises at Live Fit

Live Fit is proud of offer many different types of exercises! We are literally your ONE STOP SHOP for all your exercise needs.

At Live Fit we try to keep your workout fun! We incorporate different exercises and equipment to challenge your body. Check out the video for a few exercises that combine exercises and utilize different types of equipment to get a total body workout in one exercise!

Check out all of our services or sign up for a FREE CONSULTATION to learn more.

Stretches for Runners

Stretching before and after an outdoor run prevents injury

Stretching before and after an outdoor run prevents injury

It’s finally warming up in Kansas City which means we can finally get outside and run!  Make sure to spend some time stretching before and after your run to prevent any injuries.  Some great stretches for runners are:

  • Runners Lunge

  • Quad Stretch

  • Butterfly

  • Pigeon

  • Calf Stretch

As always, come into Live Fit to learn more about warming up and cooling down after an outdoor run.  

How Pilates Helped

We have many clients come to us to look better in their skinny jeans but more common than not our clients come to us to feel better! Take a look at what Bonnie had to say about Pilates! 

“Approximately 3 years ago, I was having severe hip pain. I was having difficulty walking, sitting, sleeping, pretty much non-stop pain and stiffness. I did Pilates 20 plus years ago and remember how it increased my flexibility and strength back then. After allowing the inflammation and pain time to subside a little, I decided to try the “Pilates Reformer” to see if I could increase my flexibility. In approximately 5 short months, 1 to 2 times a week, I have experienced little to no pain while walking, sitting and sleeping! I have more flexibility and even caught myself sitting on the floor “criss cross applesauce” I haven’t been able to do that for years!”

                                                      Pilates Believer,
                                                      Bonnie Phelps

After Workout Essentials

Post Workout Essentials

Post Workout Essentials

We talk a lot about preparing for your workout; like making sure to fuel your body and warming up correctly, but we very rarely discuss what to do AFTER a workout!

What you do after your workout can drastically affect your progress so make sure to cool down and stretch, which will prevent injury and ease your recovery after a difficult workout. Hydrating before, during, and after your workout is also important for your recovery. Enjoy a snack that has some carbohydrates and a high level of protein within one hour of your workout. This will fuel your body to allow for muscle gain. And last pat your self on the back, you just completed a workout and you should be proud of yourself!

The personal trainers at Live Fit would love to assist you in your pre and post workout routine! As always call today or sign up for a FREE consultation to learn more!

Benefits of Instability Training

Katie’s personal trainer added a foam roller to her single leg bridges to add some instability to her workout.  

Katie’s personal trainer added a foam roller to her single leg bridges to add some instability to her workout.  

Instability Training is a broad term that includes any type of exercise performed while unstable. This could include the use of props like a BOSU or TRX Bands, performing exercises while balancing on one leg or arm, or over loading one side of your body with weight to inhibit your balance.

Instability Training can benefit your workout in many different ways including; warming up your muscles, progressing an exercise, and increased muscle recruitment. There are hundreds of instability exercises but some of my favorite are listed below:

  • BOSU Squats

  • Luggage Squats

  • TRX Plank

  • Single Leg Squats

  • Bird Dog’s

To learn more about instability training come into Live Fit and talk with one of our Certified Personal Trainers. As always give us a call or fill out the form below to learn more about Live Fit.

Better KC-Get Flexible to Improve your Health

One of Live Fits personal trainers, Jackie, was featured on Better KC! Jackie discusses the importance of flexibility in the workplace. To check out the video click below! 

Better KC Segment

Live Fits trainer, Jackie, was featured on Better KC. Jackie discuses increasing your flexibility to improve your health.

Live Fits trainer, Jackie, was featured on Better KC. Jackie discuses increasing your flexibility to improve your health.

Jackie is am amazing personal trainer with a passion for helping people feel better every day.  If you’re interested in training with Jackie or any of our other personal trainers please call today or sign up for a Free Consultation

Managing Scoliosis

Leah’s favorite part of her workout! The mini massage at the end!  

Leah’s favorite part of her workout! The mini massage at the end!  

Meet Leah! She is a school teacher in the area and has been working out at Live Fit for 6 years. Leah was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was 25 and was told the only way to manage her scoliosis was through exercise.  Unfortunately Leah does NOT enjoy working out, check out what she has to say about Live Fit. 

 “Before I started working out at Live Fit I never felt like I got a good workout. I either pushed myself too hard and got hurt or I didn't push myself hard enough and felt like I was wasting my time.  Jessie knows exactly how hard to push me so I get a great workout but I am not in pain the next day!”

We love having Leah as a client and are so happy we can help her manage her scoliosis, if you have any questions about pain management please don’t hesitate to call today! 

The Best Cardio Exercises

Check out our favorite Cardio Exercises at Live Fit  

Check out our favorite Cardio Exercises at Live Fit  

Depending on your health and wellness goals your workout routine might need to include some type of cardio! Cardio is not always the most fun part of my workout but here are a few of my favorites!

  • Mitt Boxing: This is a fun and challenging workout that goes by so quickly!

  • Jogging OUTSIDE! This hasn’t happened recently but I love finding a new trail and taking off on a jog, trust me you don’t have to run fast to get a great cardio workout.

  • HIIT Workouts: Never tried a HIIT workout? Grab your timer and pick your intervals! I love workouts like Tababta (20 seconds of hard work and 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds) because they are quick and effective.

  • Walking With a Friend: Walking is a great cardio workout especially if you’re catching up with a friend.

  • Jumping Rope: Such a simple exercise that you can do any where with only one piece of equipment.

Not sure if you should add cardio into your workout routine? Stop by Live Fit and allow one of our Certified Personal Trainers to develop a workout plan for your health and wellness goals.

Don't forget a Consultation with is always FREE!