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Your workouts complete, now what?

You made it through your workout (woohoo), now what? Below I have listed a few steps that should be added to your routine, these steps will allow your body to feel and perform at it’s best.

• Cool Down: you’ve heard it a hundred times but do you actually do it? Cooling down is important for your body; it allows your heart rate and muscles to relax slowly before you immediately sit down on the couch.

• Foam Roll/Stretch: lightly stretch and foam roll right after your workout to prevent injury and release some of the tension in the muscles you just worked.

• Drink water: make sure to hydrate once your workout is complete

• Consume protein: after a workout your body needs additional protein to help build muscle. This is extremely important after a strength session. Try to get between 20-40 grams of protein within one hour of your workout.

Your workout is extremely important but what you chose to do after the workout can make the difference in your training. These four things can help limit injuries as well as allow you to get the most out of your workout. If you have any additional questions come into Live Fit and allow one of our amazing trainers help you!