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Yoga vs. Pilates

These days there are hundreds of fitness trends and different types of workouts. Everyone has heard of yoga and pilates but you may not really understand the similarities and differences between the two. Both yoga and pilates involve controlled breathing and have many of the same benefits such as lowering blood pressure, stress relief, improved flexibility and strength. Yoga is really just a generic term that means any physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline that is practiced in order to reach a state of permanent peace. Pilates on the other hand has many variations but the general goal of pilates is to condition the body in order to improve strength and flexibility. Yoga is usually slower paced and there is a major focus on breathing throughout. Both exercises will strengthen your muscles Yoga and pilates certainly share many similarities and the benefits of each will help you attain a more healthy mind and body. Come on in to Live Fit if you would like to learn more about either or try the workouts with one of our awesome trainers!