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Working out while pregnant

Many people may think that pregnancy is an excuse to not work out for 9 months and there are some acceptable reasons for that, but exercise during pregnancy is very important. Listed below are some major benefits of exercising during pregnancy.

• The first and most obvious benefit would be to keep weight gain under check. Gaining weight is important but unnecessary extra weight can have some health complications.

• Makes labor easier: Stronger core muscles will help the birthing process and increased endurance will make the overall labor process easier.

• Prevents Gestational diabetes: Exercising will help regulate blood sugar levels and make it less likely to develop to GD.

• Reduces risk of high blood pressure and preeclampsia: Lower body fat and increased cardiovascular health will limit the effects of high blood pressure during pregnancy.

• Helps you get back in shape faster: The healthier you are during pregnancy will help you lose the baby weight and get back to your original weight much quicker.

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