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Work out clothes

Today lets talk about workout clothes, if you’re anything like me you hoard them and cannot get enough leggings or sports bras! I have purchased so many things over the least few years so today I wanted to review a few of the most popular brands.
Athleta: let’s start with my favorite, I have yet to have a bad experience at Athleta, the sales staff is nice and helpful and the quality of their clothes are amazing. I feel they have a good variety from yoga to running and everything in between.
Lululemon: I will be honest and tell you it is not my favorite, their leggings are a little bit thin for my liking and most of their tops cannot be worn with a sports bra that is very supportive. I use Lulu clothes less for when I am actually working out and and more for running errands.
Fabletics: this one I am kind of new to, I have ordered a few things and over all I am happy. I love their leggings, their tops seem to run on the bigger side and their sports bras are nothing to ride home about but for the quality of clothing and the price I will for sure continue to order from them.
Lucy: I only have one top from Lucy, I wear it often but I do not feel their clothes are as “cute” as Athleta and or Lululemon, they seem to be more practical. Which is not a bad thing!
Forever 21: surprisingly Forever 21 has a fairly decent section of workout clothes. You do get what you pay for so I have had an issue with tops shrinking, but their plain black leggings are a staple in my wardrobe.
I hope these quick reviews can help you find the right workout clothes for you! Everyone is different and everyone likes different things so keep an open mind!