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What’s in my gym bag…

Today I wanted to share with you what I keep in my gym bag. Since I began training 3 years ago I feel like I have perfected what I need at the gym. There are many times during the week that I will squeeze in a workout between clients so my gym bag contains a lot of items that help me look presentable again but it also has a few essentials to make sure I make it through my workout! Lets get to it.

  • Extra hair ties: couldn’t tell you how many times I made it to the gym to find out I forgot a hair band so now I stash extras in my bag,

  • Extra pair of socks: I run outside a lot and I feel like I find a way to step in a puddle every time so a dry pair of socks are a life save.

  • Snacks: I like to keep a few protein bars or nuts in my bag. It’s so frustrating to have a workout scheduled to only discover you are starving and will never be able to make it through a workout. These emergency snacks help me get through!

  • Water Bottle: Water is necessary during a workout and after so make sure to keep a water bottle in your gym bag.

  • Heart Rate Monitor: It is the most frustrating thing in the world when I arrive at the gym and find out I forgot my heart rate monitor…I am crazy and almost feel like the workout doesn’t count unless I have it on.

  • Deodorant: It’s amazing what putting on fresh deodorant after a workout can do!

  • Face cleansing wipes: These are great for removing that sticky feeling after sweating. I use Aveeno Ultra Calming face wipes and they help make me feel fresh after a workout and they smell great!

  • Dry Shampoo: This is my lifesaver it makes my hair smell good and gets rid of the greasy look. I typically use Tresemme but I have tried many brands and I don’t really notice a difference in any brands.

  • Body Spray: I like Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea body spray.

  • Jacket: I like to keep an extra jacket in my bag, I feel like if I pull a cute jacket over my workout top I look a little bit more presentable.

Hope these tips help when you are packing up your gym bag for tomorrow’s workout!