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What to eat Before and After a Workout

Pre-Workout: This would be your energy phase. Eating a pre-workout meal or snack will give you energy, stamina, and help you to kick butt in your workout. You want to ingest healthy carbohydrates in your pre-workout meal or snack.
Food Options:
• Pre-workout balanced meal needs to be consumed about 1-2 hours before your workout. Examples would be a healthy salad, lettuce wraps, fruit smoothie, or an omelet. Aim for about 500-600 calories of a combination of lean proteins and slow acting carbs.
• Pre-workout snacks need to be consumed about 60-90 minutes before training. Examples would be fruit and yogurt, protein shake, apple with peanut butter, cottage cheese with fruit, or a banana and and almonds. Aim for about 100-200 calories of a combination of lean protein and slow acting carbs.
Post-Workout: This would be your anabolic phase. Eating a balance of protein and carbohydrates after your workout will ensure your body has the fuel it needs to recover and improve. Try to eat within 30-60 minutes after exercise.
Food Options:
• Post-workout snacks are acceptable and you could consume a protein shake, Greek yogurt, fruit and nuts, or a banana and peanut butter.
• Post-workout meal is also okay, examples could be salmon and brown rice, chicken and vegetables, sweet potatoes with black beans.
Another important thing to remember when fueling for a workout and after a workout is to make sure to stay hydrated! You will feel stronger and will be able to workout longer. If you have any additional questions please contact Live Fit today and one or our personal trainers can answer any of your questions!