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What to do with left over Halloween candy

So Friday was awesome, you took the kids trick or treating for a few hours and they received literally a bucket full of candy…NOW WHAT. There is no reason you need to keep that much candy in the house. Now don’t get me wrong, I had a few pieces of candy on Halloween but don’t allow the candy to be a pit fall to your health goals. Below I have listed a few things to do with all that left over candy!

Freeze the candy: Put the candy in individual zip lock bags with 5-6 pieces of candy in each one and unfreeze slowly

Use it to decorate for the holidays: Ginger bread houses or handmade ornaments.

Add candy to a healthy trail mix for a sweet treat

Make candy bark and hand out to neighbors for a holiday treat

And my favorite option is to donate the candy. You can donate to a homeless shelter, nursing homes, schools, or to soldiers. Below is a link to donate it to operation shoebox, which sends care packages to soldiers that are deployed.