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What piece of stationary cardio equipment is best for you?

There are so many different types of stationary cardio equipment in gyms these days! Ever wonder which is best for you? Everyone is different but there are a few things that you should know about the most common pieces of cardio equipment.

Treadmill: is great for a person that typically walks or runs outside and needs to replicate that inside. Make sure you are mimicking your same stride or cadence as you would outside. Do not hold on to the rails and put the treadmill up to a 1.5% incline. Treadmills are fairly high impact so if you have joint problems a different piece of equipment might be best for you.

Elliptical: ellipticals allow you to work your entire body because of the handles, push and pull the handles to work your chest and back with each rotation. Ellipticals are also very low impact so they are good for people with joint problems. One of the biggest down falls of ellipticals are their calorie counters, they usually over estimate your average calorie burn by 25%-40% so keep that in mind! Make sure you increase the tension and push yourself to increase your calorie burn. Stationary bike:

Stationary bike is the best piece of equipment if you have joint problems; the bike is almost completely impact free. Also unlike the elliptical there is a very small chance of losing your balance and falling off. This makes this piece of equipment better for someone with balance issues. Once again increase your resistance to mimic riding up a hill.

Stair stepper: Stair steppers are a fairly low impact piece of equipment that allows you to increase your heart rate. Stair steppers are actually a weight bearing exercise because of your body weight. This can help with muscle growth and bone density. Stair steppers are in my opinion one of the most difficult stationary cardio machines most gyms offer. So if you are looking for a challenge, give it a try!

Like any type of exercise try to change up your routine. Do not get hooked on one piece of equipment and use it every time your at the gym! Change it up and don’t forget about strength training and stretching.