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What is tucking?

Have you ever been in a group fitness class and the instructor told you to tuck your hips? That phrase is used a lot in the fitness world and a lot of people don’t know what it means! Tucking your hips removes the over arching of your lower back. To perform the tuck you need to roll your hips under squeezing your glute muscles and engage your lower abdominal muscles. Remember to keep your shoulder blades pulled down your back and keep your chest lifted. If performed correctly your body should be in neutral alignment with your shoulders stacked right above your hips. Engaging your core and glute muscles is important in strengthening the muscles that surround the spine, therefore protecting you from spinal injuries. The tuck is important during different exercises one of the most important times to make sure your tucking those hips is during a plank. It is extremely easy to let your belly sag and put excessive pressure on your lower back. If you have any additional questions about “tucking” come into Live Fit and ask one of our awesome personal trainers.