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What I Ate Wednesday #4


Todays diet was pretty typical! I worked all day so I had to pack an easy and quick lunch but I was lucky enough to be able to eat a real breakfast! Check it out below.

Breakfast: Egg Muffin w/ 2 slices of bread

- I had a frozen egg muffin for breakfast, they are high in protein and low in carbs so I wanted to add the bread to make sure I stayed full for as long as possible!

Snack: NoGill protein snack

- I love these little snack bars. They are only 110 calories and they taste a little different than normal protein bars. They are quick and easy!

Lunch: Salami and Cheese w/ 10 Reduced Fat Wheat Thin Crackers

- I could eat this about every day for lunch! It's a little bit higher in fat then I would prefer but its a better option then McDonalds!

Snack: Raspberries

-It was a running day so right after my run I was feeling a little loopy, I knew I needed some carbs! My all time favorite fruit is raspberries so I was happy I had packed them in my lunch box as a pick me up!

Dinner: Chicken Meatballs and Roasted Veggies

- There is nothing I like more then roasted veggies! I could seriously eat them all day, we also tried Aidell's Caramelized Onion Chicken Meatballs for the first time...they were okay. I think they would have been better with some sort of sauce, they were a little bit bland!

Thats it for the day, we had dinner pretty late so I wasn't hungry for a snack by the end of the night. But if I were to pick it would have been hard boiled egg whites with tabasco sauce!

Below I have posted my food diary, I like to use MyFitnessPal, it is simple to use and it remembers your meals. Check it out!


What did your diet look like today? Show me your pictures by tagging @LiveFitkc in your photos!