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What I Ate Wednesday #3

This week started a little crazy in the Kansas City area...the solar eclipsed passed just north of KC and it was an amazing experience! We went a little north east of the city and watched it, all I can say is WHOAH! it was so strange and all happened pretty quickly and I am so happy I was able to experience it. This is actually what I ate that entire day, just because I was out of the house and we doing something different doesn't mean my diet is thrown out the window! Check it out!

Breakfast: Egg White Sandwich


Cal: 176

Carbs: 27 g.

Protein: 21 g.

Ya'll know how much I love an egg sandwich! It's always a great morning when I am able to have a real breakfast and not just a protein bar.

Snack: NoGil Protein D'Lite


Cal: 110

Carbs: 13 g.

Protein: 8 g.

These are amazing! They are kind of like wafers which make them a little different then your typical protein bar.

Lunch: Chicken Salad w/ Reduced Fat Wheat Thins


Cal: 336

Carbs: 32 g.

Protein: 25 g.

We had a little picnic while waiting for the solar eclipse! Chicken salad with wheat thins is a great thing to pack for lunch. It holds up well in the cooler and using wheat thins is way better then toast because they don't get soggy :)

Snack: Muscle Milk Protein Shake

Cal: 100
Carbs: 4 g.
Protein: 20 g.
Love these protein shakes! I had this right after my workout. I think they are the best tasting low carb option for prepackaged protein shakes. We get ours at Costco!
Dinner: Grilled Salmon w/ Grilled Mushrooms and Onions w/ Teriyaki Dipping Sauce

Cal: 397

Carbs: 12 g.

Protein: 47 g

I am so sad that grilling season is almost over! Salmon might be my favorite thing to grill! It's so quick and tastes amazing!

Late Night Snack: 4 Boiled Eggs (sorry I forgot to take a picture!)

  • I only eat the white, the yellow is so disgusting to me!!! I also like to add tabasco sauce to make them a little spicy!

Surprise, surprise I didn't have very many veggies! One of these days I will be better but you win some you lose some! How is your diet looking this week? Do you have any quick recipe suggestions? I am always looking for something new!