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What I Ate Wednesday!

Well, it's actually what I ate on Tuesday but it doesn't sound as cool! This is a pretty typical day for me! I was lucky to be able to stop by my future in-laws for lunch this day which allowed me to eat something that was actually hot! Check it out below and let me know what you had for dinner last night!

Breakfast at 8:30 - 3/4 c. Greek Yogurt with 1/2 c. Special K Cereal

Protein: 17.8 g.

Carbs: 24.8 g.

Calories: 170


I had a little bit of a later start yesterday so I was able to eat breakfast at home. I was planning on adding some strawberries to my yogurt but I opened the container and they were moldy! Ugh, that's the worst. I feel like we throw so much food away. I need to be better, if you have any suggestions on how to make fruit and veggies last longer that would be awesome!

Between being busy with my clients and breakfast being very filling I wasn't hungry until lunch, but most days I have an extra snack thrown in there :)

Lunch at 12:30 - Cheese and Veggie Quesadilla with Mama Lupes Tortilla

Protein: 24 g.

Carbs: 24 g.

Calories: 320


I LOVE quesadillas! I eat them all the time, they are a great way to use up left overs! I had a few roasted veggies that I was worried would go bad so I diced them up and added them to my quesadilla.

3:30 Snack - Cookie Dough Protein Bar

Protein: 22 g.

Carbs: 21 g.

Calories: 190

Tuesday was a cardio day, so after I went walking for 1 1/2 hours with my mom I needed some more fuel! I opted for a Protein Bar. It had protein and carbs that I needed to get through the rest of my night full of training! (Sorry I forgot to take picture, I was starving!)

8:00 Dinner - Taco Tuesday!


Protein: 32.5

Carbs: 14

Calories: 395

I work late on Tuesday's so dinner needed to be quick and easy. Taco's are a go to for us! Did you celebrate Taco Tuesday last night?

10:30 Snack - 1/2 of a Citterio Genoa and Provolone Snack Pack


Protein: 10.5 g.

Carbs: 0 g.

Calories: 158

I typically do not eat a snack this late, but I was bleaching my teeth and it suggests you wait an hour before eating. I love these little snack packs, they are quick and easy to bring just about any where!

So thats a look into a typical day for me! I try to stick to a lower carb high protein diet with a cheat meal every once in a while! This type of diet is not for everyone, come into Live Fit and let us help find a diet that works for you! What did you eat yesterday? Anything exceptionally good? Let me know!