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Week of Workouts #7

So if you actually know me, it's officially wedding week! Ahh crazy to think that it is really here. Well any ways I thought I would drop in with last weeks workouts. I am hoping to be able to stick to my normal workout routine this week and even get a run in the morning of our wedding. I always feel better if I am able to workout! Check out my week of workouts and let me know what type of workouts you did!

Monday: HIIT w/ 2 mile slow jog

-I think I feel like I accomplished the most after a HIIT workout, they are quick but so effective!

Tuesday: 50 minute Jog

-I usually jog for miles but this day I decided to run at what ever pace I was feeling and just enjoy the run. Running is for sure a stress reliever for me so it was extremely enjoyable!

Wednesday: 45 minute Pilates Reformer workout w/ Sprints

-I need to get on the reformer more often, it's a great workout but also requires me to get some stretching in.

Thursday: Spin Class

Friday: Yoga

-I say this every time, but I hate yoga while I am doing it but man it makes me feel great afterwards

Saturday: Rest day, oh my gosh we did so much wedding stuff this day! I am so ready for it to be here!!

Sunday: Heavy Strength

-I worked out with my fiancé, which is always great because he is there to spot me and make sure my form on my squats and dead lifts are correct.

I hope everyone has a great week that includes some extra activity!