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Week of Workouts #5

Oh hey Monday! I will be totally honest and say that this weekend flew by! I kind of didn't even notice it and I am already looking forward to next weekend. Not a good way to start the week ;) I figured I would share my workout schedule from last week incase you needed a little bit of motivation!

Monday: HIIT w/ Yoga

Kind of a weird combination! But I train yoga on Mondays, I typically do most of the hour with my client just because there is so much demonstration that is needed.

Tuesday: 5 mile Jog

This weather is so weird it was a little hotter this week which always makes those runs a little more difficult.

Wednesday: Barre

I love a good barre class especially on Wednesday when I go with my girlfriend!

Thursday: Sprints w/ 30 minute slow jog

I started with 10 sprints, 30 second sprint 30 second walk then I finished up with a 30 minute slow jog

---I also warmed up...don't forget the warm up!

Friday: Rest day!!!

Saturday: Heavy Strength

We also worked on wedding projects so I am claiming that as part of my workout! It's kind of hard work.

Sunday: Spin Class

Spin is a great cardio workout and it's good to change it up from my typical 5 mile run.

What did your workout schedule look like last week? Did you get as many workouts in as you wanted?