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Week of Workouts #4

Happy Labor Day! Does this mean summer is officially over :( ugh I hate that!

Well in typical Monday fashion here is a list of my workouts for the week! How did your week look? Did you get in any workouts? What was your favorite one?

Monday: 30 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) Strength Workout w/ 30 minute jog

Tuesday: 5 mile jog

- I am loving this nice weather! It makes running so much more comfortable.

Wednesday: HIIT Strength/Cardio

- I focused on smaller muscles groups and a lot of cardio! Unfortunately I added in some burpees too!

Thursday: 5 mile jog

Friday: 30 minutes yoga w/ 3 mile jog

- I am in need of a yoga buddy! I hate doing yoga but I know it is good for me, I need to find someone to workout with me and I am sure it would be more fun.

Saturday: Resistance Band Strength w/ 45 minute walk

- We were at the lake so I had to make up a strength workout with only a resistance band. But anything is possible! I also love walking at the lake, there are a lot of hills and the view is great!!

Sunday: Rest day! gotta love those!