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Week of Workouts 2

It's the start of another week which means another week of workouts! Check out my workout schedule for last week, nothing too crazy!

Monday: Heavy Strength w/ 3 mile Run

-With it being so nice it was impossible not to run!

Tuesday: 4 mile Run

Wednesday: 60 minutes of Barre

I was lucky enough to take a workout class with a girlfriend, we went to The Bar Method just west of the Plaza. I love taking classes sometimes it's nice to not have to think about my own workout :)

Thursday: 45 minutes of Yoga with a 3 mile walk

- I have been having some tightness in my shoulder, most likely caused by my horrible posture so I wanted to take a little bit of a break on Thursday because I had a massage scheduled for Friday :)

Friday: 4 mile walk w/ 20 minutes of ab work

-We "borrowed" my fiancé's family dog for the weekend so it was nice to get outside with Finley for about an hour. She is kind of lazy so I don't think she really enjoyed the walk as much as I did!

-Can we consider a massage part of my workout? I say yes!

Saturday: Heavy Strength w/ 30 minute walk

-It's nice to be able to do heavy strength on the weekends with my fiancé, that way I can push my self and he is there to spot me. And let's be honest working out with someone else always makes it better!

-We dodge the rain on Saturday and were able to get about a 30 minute walk in. There is a new dog park just around the corner from our house we made a quick stop there with Finley. Like I said Finley is pretty lazy so she will not play fetch if her life depended on it so the only way to make her run is to have her chase you. I ran up and down this long hill about 4 times and man that was torture after a heavy leg day!

Sunday: Mostly a rest day but we did throw in a 45 minute leisurely walk with Finley!

How did your workout schedule look this week? Any thing you would have liked to change? My Thursday and Friday were pretty light and I wish I would have been able to get to a spin class this week, but you win some and you lose some!