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Week of Workouts - Jackie

This week I wanted to share with you the workout schedule of one of our other trainers Jackie, Jackie has been training at Live Fit for 8 years. She is the busy mom of two adorable little girls and she still manages to workout most days a week! Check out her schedule below, it shows that even a quick workout can be super beneficial. (everything below is from her point of view)

I used to run a ton, but after I had kids, I had to find ways to get my workouts in efficiently since my time is a lot more limited these days! I'm big on moderation and consistency and try to keep a healthy balance of strength workouts and cardio workouts each week. Here's a pretty typical workout week for me-


50 minute high rep (15-20), total body strength training routine. I pick a circuit of 4-5 upper body exercises and complete it 3 times. Then I do the same thing with 4-5 lower body exercises. And I usually finish with 2 sets of core.


40 minute moderate pace run. I used to be very focused on how fast I was running, but now running is my stress relief so I like to just put on my music and enjoy not having to think about anything! I run at a comfortable pace and just get my heart rate up for 30-40 minutes.


HIIT total body workout 20 minutes (5 for 5 training)

This is a workout where you pick 5 different exercises (I try to hit every muscle group) and perform each exercise for a minute, as many reps as possible. So it's 5 exercises, one minute each, for a 5 minute total circuit. I complete the whole thing 3 times, with a minute rest between each circuit. It's simple and fast and a great workout!


50 minute total body strength training (similar to monday, with different exercises)


30 minute elliptical interval workout


Rest day


40 minute moderate paced run