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Week of Workouts

As I promised I would start sharing my workouts with you each week. I try to change my workouts up because it keeps me interested. I have attempted to do workout plans and I end up dreading the workout. My workouts typically include some cardio, some strength, and if we are lucky a little yoga or stretching! Check it out.

Monday: High Rep Strength w/ 20 minutes of running

  • Upper body I focused on tricep, biceps, shoulders
  • Lower body I focused on adductors, abductors and glutes

Tuesday: 5 mile Walk with my Mom (I swear I could jog beside her easier then I walk...she's so fast)

Wednesday:Barre w/ 10 minutes of sprints on the treadmill

  • Sprints: 30 second sprint 30 second rest (I leave the treadmill running and just hop off to the sides)

Thursday: Spin Class

Friday: Heavy Strength

  • I focused on bench press, bent over rows, squats, and dead lifts with a few other lighter exercises thrown in also.

Saturday: We were at the lake so we went on a walk and I did about 30 minutes of light yoga

Sunday: Rest Day!!

What did your workouts look like this week?