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Week of Workout #3

It's Monday which means it's time for a workout recap! Check it out below!

Monday: HIIT w/ 3 mile run

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

Circuit 1: (10 minutes)

-10 burpees

-10 pushups

-10 mountain climbers

-10 squat jumps

Circuit 2: (15 minutes)

-10 Shoulder push ups

-10 Single arm kettle bell swings (each arm)

-12 Tricep extensions

-12 Thrusters

-15 Bicep curls

-15 Weighted squats

Circuit 3: (5 minutes)

-10 Full Sit Ups

-10 Leg Lifts

-10 Russian Twists

Tuesday: 4 Mile Jog

Wednesday: Heavy Strength Workout

-I was able to workout with my fiancé which is great because then I can do a heavier strength workout with a spotter! I focused on dead lifts, bench press, and squats with a few other things thrown in too!

Thursday: 4 Mile Walk w/ Sprints

-30 second sprint with 30 second rest for 15 minutes

Friday: Barre class with my girlfriends!

-This weekend was actually my bachelorette party so before we headed to Big Cedar my girlfriends and I attended a barre class. It was a great way to start the weekend!

Saturday: Rest day! Spent the day sitting by the pool :)

Sunday: 45 minute walk

-I wasn't really in the mood to workout but I felt I needed to get my body moving after our drive home. Better then nothing I guess!

What did your workout schedule look like last week? Do you have any plans to try something new this week? I am hoping to get to a spin class this week! It's been a while!