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Wasting time at the gym

We have all been there, we get to the gym and an hour goes by and we start wondering if we have even worked out. It is so easy in this day and age to get distracted by so many things like your cell phone, chatting with friends, wondering around the gym trying to decide what to do, and many other things. So lets chat about a few things that can make you more efficient while you are at the gym.

  • Have your play list ready; this makes it so you don’t need to be using your phone to look for a song. And text messages or anything else do not distract you. Set your playlist and put your phone in your pocket and leave it there.

  • Perform similar exercises together: For example do all of your cable machine, dumbbell, and TRX exercises together. That way you are not spending time walking back and forth and you never risk losing your equipment to another gym goer.

  • Use headphones: if you have headphones in you are less likely to be stopped by friends or others to chat. Just smile, wave and move on.

How do you feel you waste the most time at the gym? I know mine is walking around trying to figure out what exercise I am going to do next! I hope these suggestions help you get more out of your gym time.