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Tips for a “Thinner” Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving around the corner I thought we could talk about ways to enjoy the holiday feast without feeling overwhelming guilt! Below I list 8 ways to prevent that unbuttoning of those pants by the end of the day.

1. Eat Breakfast: Do not starve your self until that big Thanksgiving lunch, eat breakfast so you do not binge eat.
2. Get Moving: just because it is thanksgiving does not mean you shouldn’t work out. Get up early that morning and go on a family walk or hit up the gym before all the madness begins!
3. Portion Size: On a normal day you would not eat a plate full of mashed potatoes with a tower of turkey and gravy on top so don’t do it on thanksgiving! Keep portion sizes in mind, you can have a little bit of everything just not a lot of anything!
4. Skip Seconds: Fill your plate once and when you are done take your dish to the dishwasher and be done!
5. Eat Slow: your body tells you when you are full but if you shovel your food in your body does not get the time to send the signal that you are full.
6. Go easy on the alcohol: Not only are alcoholic drinks loaded in unnecessary calories they also cause you to make bad food decisions for the rest of the day.
7. Lighten your favorite recipes up: reduce the amount of oil and butter you use and/or substitute yogurt in casseroles.
8. Focus on Friends and Family: as much as we love the thanksgiving meal, remember the holidays are important to be around friends and family!

Hope these tips help you make good decisions over Thanksgiving Day!