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The truth about your posture

Posture is more than showing confidence and looking better, posture affects how our bodies function. Unfortunately bad posture can cause many different side effects, including bad circulation, neck, back, or shoulder pain, chronic fatigue, or over all misalignment in your body. Bad posture can be caused by many things including genetics, stress, injuries, being over weight, and weak muscles just to name a few. A good way to test your posture is to stand with your shoulder blades and butt against a wall, move your feet 6 inches away from the wall and stand comfortably, there should be less than 2 inches between your neck and the wall and a larger gap indicates bad posture. Fortunately there are ways to improve your posture, strengthening your back muscles, stretching your chest muscles, and just being aware of your posture can help make small changes over time. Please come into Live Fit at either of our locations; 95th and Nall or 151st and Metcalf if you have any questions about exercises or stretches to help your posture. Our private personal trainers would love to help!