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The Truth about Alcohol

Many factors go into the fact that you are not losing weight or maybe not as much as you would like. Counting calories in your food is a good first step but many people are unaware of the calories that they are drinking, especially calories in alcoholic beverages. No one really wants to consider the amount of calories they are consuming on a night out but knowing the basics will help you be prepared and have all the facts.

Your body processes alcohol first, before fat, protein, or carbs. This means that drinking slows down the burning of fat and this could account for the fact that you are not losing much weight. Beer and wine typically contain more calories and carbs than liquor but liquor is usually mixed with drinks that may have a lot of sugar. A typical light beer contains around 110 calories and 5 carbs, meaning that just having a few can really add up! On the other hand, red wine contains about 80 calories and just 1 or 2 carbs. A typical shot of liquor such as vodka has about 55 calories but remembering the calories of the mixer is important. It is also important to remember to try and stick to your diet plans when consuming alcohol because inhibitions are lowered and it makes it much easier to cheat on your diet! Now that you have some more information about alcoholic beverages you will be able to make better decisions whether you are having a night out or having a glass of wine at night.