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The rundown on coffee creamer

By now, most people have heard the studies saying coffee has some redeeming health benefits! It can help boost metabolism, contains cancer fighting antioxidants, and can help fight dementia! The only problem is a lot of people add high calorie sweeteners, creamers, or turn their coffee drink into a Frappuccino! This quickly negates the health benefits and adds a lot of extra calories. If you have to add a little something to your morning brew, consider throwing out the sugar or artificial sweetener and sticking with good old half and half. Just make sure to watch the portion size and track the calories because they can add up quickly! Creamers like Coffeemate contain a whole list of unhealthy oils, chemicals, and thickeners. The oils contain trans fat, which is the worst kind of fat you can consume. Sticking with traditional half and half or milk will at least get you some calcium minus all the artificial stuff! The best way to drink your coffee is black to reap the most health benefits. Our personal trainers work with clients to develop nutrition plans tailored to their specific tastes that will help them reach their goals. To learn more, contact us today.