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The perfect plank

The plank is an effective bodyweight exercise because it engages almost all of the muscles in the body. We have talked about the importance of good core strength and planking is one the best exercises to strengthen those core muscles. There are many benefits from planking, but performing this exercise correctly is important to maximizing those benefits and avoiding injury. The plank is a static exercise, meaning there is no movement involved once you are in position. First, place your hands straight under your shoulders and hands should be slightly wider than should width. Pretend you are about to do a pushup. Next, make sure your toes are grounded into the floor and squeeze your glutes. Make sure your legs are not locked and your knees don’t hyperextend. In order to stabilize your back, make sure your head is in line with your back and pick a spot on the floor to look at during the plank. Hold in this position for about 20 seconds at first and work your way up to a longer hold. Make sure to keep good form and if you are struggling to go longer just take it down a notch, as correct form is the most important factor. Now that you know how to perform the perfect plank, get out there and try it!