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Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving is just around the corner; it does not have to sabotage your diet! There are a few tips and tricks that I have discovered throughout the years that help me stay on track during the holidays. First make sure to eat breakfast, people choose to skip breakfast to preserve calories for your large thanksgiving meal, but skipping this makes you extremely hungry which typically leads to bad choices during the thanksgiving meal. After your satisfying breakfast continue the morning by being active, get in a workout, go on a walk with family, just do something to get moving and burn a few calories! My next suggestion is to make sure the dishes that you bring are healthier that way you know you have a few options that allow your to stay on track with your diet. Now I know Thanksgiving only comes around once a year so enjoy your self, but make sure your portion sizes are appropriate. Do not over fill your plate and if it is something you don’t love just skip it! My last tip would be to slow down! Put your fork down between each bite and actually enjoy your food. It takes a minute for your body to realize it is full so if you just continue to eat your body never has time to catch up! Enjoy your day but just try to keep these tips in mind!