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Steps to de-stress

Unfortunately each and every one of us experiences some sort of stress on a daily basis, the good thing is there are a few easy steps that we can take to limit that stress. Lets talk about 6 each tips to limit your stress each day.

1. Be prepared for the day: Take a few minutes each night to prepare for the next day. Pack your lunch, pick out your work clothes, and pack your gym bag. You do not want to be scrambling around in the morning and start your day running late.

2. Manage your schedule: Unexpected things will come up but try to schedule your day ahead of time. Schedule time to cook dinner, and go to the gym.

3. Get up and move: regular exercises reduce stress and improves your health. You do not need an hour of exercise; a 10-minute workout can be just as beneficial as a long walk.

4. Take time for your self: Take time each day (even if it’s just 5 minutes) for your self. Meditate or just breathe.

5. Get outside: Get some vitamin d and take some time to enjoy nature each day.

6. Enjoy the little things: slow down and realize you are blessed and find the good even on the bad days.