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Start your morning off right!

The alarm goes off…how many times do you push that snooze button? If you’re me you literally are not capable of getting up without pushing it once, but this week I have gotten straight out of bed and used those extra tens minutes to be a little bit more productive. First I DONOT look at my phone, I can find a way to waist 15 minutes scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. So instead I wake up and immediately make a list of what I need to get done that day. This helps me to feel more in control, I don’t have all these random thoughts in my head all day, I have them written down and can cross them off as I get them finished. Next I have been trying to spend 5 minutes stretching each morning and then I actually get ready…more then just brush my teeth and comb my hair. This just makes me feel better, like I can tackle more during the day! So tomorrow morning try to get up right away and get a few things crossed off your list before your day even starts! Let me know what you do tomorrow morning!