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Stair Workout

So who has noticed how ridiculously hot it has been recently! Well if you’re anything like me indoor cardio is a real bore! Today I wanted to try a new indoor workout routine called a stair workout! Now let me tell you that it was pretty hard so just remember to go at your own pace and be careful while running down the stairs! (I might have almost died) Lets get to it!

Perform each exercise for 1 minute, repeat two or three times for a 30 minute workout.

Stair Runs

Squat Jumps (tap your butt on the second stair)

Plank Jacks (hands on first or second step)

Burpees (hands on first or second step)

Double Stair Runs

Stair Squats (one leg on a step one leg on the floor)

Mountain Climbers (hands on first or second steps)

Stair Jumps (similar to a box jump, hop to the second or third step landing softly)

Stair Runs

Rest for 1 minute

Let us know if you try this workout! As always come into Live Fit and one of our personal trainers would love to suggest more workouts for you to try!