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Stability Ball Exercises

How many of us have a stability ball sitting in our basement but never use it? Well go down stairs and dust that stability ball off. Stability balls are a great addition to your workout; they can increase the muscles your body is recruiting for each workout just because of the way gravity effects your body. Using a stability ball in your workouts help to improve your balance, core strength, and posture. There are many sizes of stability balls that can be used for many different exercises; below I have listed some of my favorite stability ball exercise options. Don’t forget you can always come into Live Fit and ask one of our personal trainers for more ideas!

Stability Ball Crunch

Push-Up with your feet on the stability ball

Squats leaning against the stability ball

Hamstring Curls with your feet on the stability ball

Bridges with your feet on the stability ball

Plank with your elbows on the stability ball

Pike Ups

Back extensions

Leg Raises with the stability ball between your feet

Chest Press while lying on the ball

Triceps Kick Backs while lying on the ball

Dumbbell Rows while lying on the ball