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Squat variations

If you are any thing like me sometimes you can get in an exercise rut. What I mean by that is a tend to perform the same exercises over and over each week. It is best to keep your body guessing so below I have listed different squat variations below.

Barbell Squat: I tend to lean towards dumbbells when I am working out but every once in a while try out a barbell squat make sure your form is correct and start with a light weight.


Sumo Squat: this type of squat targets your inner thighs make sure to tuck your butt under and squeeze those abs. These can be performed with weight or just using your body weight. To make it even harder try to do it on your tippy toes!


Single Leg Squat: Take a seat on a bench and lift one leg into the air, now stand and sit using just one leg. Single leg squats are great because they do not allow one leg to do more of the work then the other. Make sure to keep your core tight, that should help prevent you from falling over!


Let us know if you give any of these squat variations a try!