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Smoothie Recipes


Man it is hot outside! The thought of eating anything warm sounds absolutely disgusting to me, so today I thought I would share a few awesome smoothie ideas. Smoothies are amazing because they can be prepared ahead of time by putting the ingredients in a freezer bag and then when you need a snack just throw the ingredients in the freezer bag in the blender and you have a quick and healthy snack.

The great thing about smoothies is it is hard to mess them up. You can choose to make fruit smoothies or smoothies with chocolate and or peanut butter. Below I have put a few ingredient lists together. Remember with smoothies you can always add protein powder, chia seeds, kale and or spinach without changing the taste!
Fruit Smoothie: any type of frozen fruit combined with Greek yogurt is an amazing snack
Chocolate Smoothies: mixing chocolate protein powder with whole grain oats, about a table spoon of peanut butter and yogurt is a great way to stifle a sweet tooth
You can experiment with any combination and just see what works for you, I have attached a link with some more awesome smoothie recipes. Check it out!