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Simplifying Meal Planning

I think the most used excuse for not eating healthy is…I just don’t have time. Well let’s talk about a few ways to simplify meal planning so you can have healthy meals at your fingertips. Just like with anything else the more you do it the better you get so give it some time before you just give up! I like to meal plan for the next week on usually Wednesday or Thursday so I have time over the weekend to get to the grocery store. I typically plan 5 dinners each week and make sure I have the ingredients for salads and sandwiches on hand for lunch and then my breakfast is usually a protein bar, smoothie, or protein shake. I never try and cook anything extremely elaborate during the week, ain’t nobody got time for that ☺ My weekday meals are typically put together in less then 30 minutes. So lets get started with my tips and tricks!

Make a list: never go into the store with out a list, if you do you risk forgetting something and that would mean wasting time later in the week running to the grocery store again.

Double your recipe: Any time I can make a recipe that can be frozen I double it and sometimes triple it! That way I have a quick and easy dinner waiting for me in the freezer. One of my favorite things to freeze is turkey meatballs. We use them in everything! From sandwiches for lunch to stir-fry at dinner.

Use the same protein for two meals: A lot of time I will grill extra chicken early in the week and then cut it up and make chicken tacos later in the week. You can do this with pretty much any type of protein! Left over protein works great for lunch too! Prep as much on Sunday: I like to chop my veggies and sometimes even cook my protein on Sundays that way everything is ready for me when I get home from work.

Keep things simple: Like I said above do not try some elaborate recipe on a Thursday night when you worked all day. If it is too hard I can bet you $5 you will cave and just pick something unhealthy up.

I hope these ideas help you. Meal planning has become a habit and I truly believe it saves me time and money each week. No more arguing over what we are going to eat at night. We already know!