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Should I eat granola?

Many people think of granola as a healthy food. What they don’t realize is that most granola is laden with a lot of carbs and sugar. Granola has very little fiber and one cup has around 600 calories depending on the brand you buy! It is actually one of the more unhealthy choices you can make to start your day. Some health gurus enjoy making their own healthy granola with less sugar. If you choose to do this, make sure you are getting a significant source of protein like nuts as well. Keep in mind that even homemade granola is heavy in calories. You may want to use it only to sprinkle on top of some yogurt to keep calories in check. I personally prefer Kashi GoLean Crunch cereal to get my granola fix. ¾ C has the same amount of protein as an egg and much less sugar then granola. It is still crunchy like granola as well! Our nutrition experts recommend personal training clients get a significant source of protein with each meal to build lean muscle, cut fat cell production, and slow digestion throughout the day. Next time you’re at the store, it’s probably best to pass on the granola and choose some eggs, greek yogurt, or high protein, low sugar cereal instead.