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Shin Splints

Any athlete that has experienced shin splints can understand how frustrating an injury it is to deal with. Shin splints is a general term used to define a condition that is caused by inflammation to the anterior and posterior muscles in the lower leg, or pain on the front of your shin. When shin splints occur you need to rest, ice, compress and elevate but let’s chat about how we can prevent shin splints. My biggest suggestion is to increase your activity slowly, and attempt to run on soft surfaces (at least sometimes). Next, check your shoes as correct fitting shoes are extremely important and also making sure you have good insoles if they are necessary. Treating shin splints is not easy; it’s a long process. First, try returning to exercise slowly with low impact exercises like the elliptical or cycling and continue to ice the area after workouts to reduce the inflammation. Lastly, there are a few stretches and exercises to help prevent and cure shin splints. First, make sure to stretch your calves because tight calves can cause shin splints and then try performing calf and toe raises each day. Stand on the end of a step with the balls of your feet on the step and your heels hanging off and press up on your toes. Then turn around and have your heals on the step and your toes hanging off and bring your toes up and down. Try to perform 25 each way. If you try these steps to help prevent and treat shin splints hopefully you will be able to overcome this injury. There is always the possibility that your pain is caused by more serious things like a stress fracture so if they do not seem to be improving please consult a doctor.