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Running with your pet


Finding the motivation to get outside and exercising can sometimes be a difficult task. Finding a partner to run with can be very helpful in getting you off the couch and motivated to go longer. Dogs make the best exercise partners for they are always excited and they may even remind you to get up and get out there. Although most dogs are great running partner, there are certainly some things that you must keep in mind when running with your pet. First and foremost, you should consult your vet to make sure that your breed of dog is well suited for long distance runs and that they don’t have any underlying health issues that could make running dangerous for them. Dogs are just like humans in that they have to buildup their endurance to run, so make sure to start slowand be aware of signs that they may be excessively tired. Dogs can't talk, but foaming at the mouth, heavy panting, glazed eyes, and slowing down are sure signs that your dog is being overworked and should take a break. Another important concern for dogs is the type of surface that you are running on and any type of potentially damaging things for your dog’s paws. Gravel, hot blacktop, ice melt, or other debris on the path may burn or cut their paws. Dogs also have to stay well hydrated during exercise so make them drink before and after exercise. For long distance runs you may want to bring some water because when they get thirsty they may look for puddles to drink from, which is potentially harmful. Last but not least, make sure your dog is always on leash, especially in busy areas and bring some bags to pick up after your pet. Consider these tips and you may find running much more enjoyable with your pet by your side!