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Runners Warm Up

I have to admit that warming up is one of my least favorite things to do in the world! When I am ready to go on a run I just want to go…but we all know that warm ups are extremely important to prevent injury. So lets talk about what is necessary during a warm up. First begin by walking, warm up your body by walking for about 1 minute and then pick up the pace to a slight jog for another minute or so. Next perform some dynamic stretches. Dynamic stretches are when you move through a muscles range of motion. The best dynamic stretches in my opinion for runners are hip circles, walking lunges, butt kicks, leg swings, and front kicks. Perform each stretch for about 20 seconds before moving to the next. This warm up will only take about 5 minutes so get out there and start your run with this warm up! Come in and let any of our personal trainers help you set up the best warm up for you!