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Rotator Cuff

With the Olympics in full force we have heard a lot about different injuries that the athletes have to deal with. An extremely common injury in athletes and us “normal” people is a rotator cuff injury. The rotator cuff is the group of tendons and muscles that provide stability to your shoulder joint along with allowing your shoulder to move. The rotator cuff is comprised of the teres minor, the infraspinatus, supraspinatus, and the subscapularis along with the bursa. The bursa is a sack that is located between the rotator cuff and the acromion, which is the bone on top of your shoulder. Since the rotator cuff is responsible for lifting and rotating your shoulder you can imagine how much pain people are in if they have a rotator cuff injury. Some of the common injuries to the rotator cuff are a tear, tendonitis or bursitis. Treatment for a rotator cuff injury typically includes ice, rest, and physical therapy, strengthening exercises, and stretching. Rotator cuff injuries can sometimes turn into a more serious concern so it is important to treat shoulder pain immediately so it doesn’t become a chronic injury.