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Ring of Fire

Lets add a new piece of workout equipment to your routine…the Pilates ring, or better known as the ring of fire. This piece of equipment is most often used in Pilates but it can be incorporated into many different exercises. The ring is great to add resistance to many exercises and allows you to target those hard to reach muscle groups like inner and outer thighs. Check out the workout below and try to add it to your workout rotation next week!

Perform each of the following exercises 15 times and repeat 2 to 3 times. Make sure to warm up before you begin and cool down once the workout is complete.

Bridge w/ Ring: Perform a bridge but add the Pilates ring between your knees, at the top of the bridge squeeze the ring before lowering your butt down to the ground.

Inner Thigh Pulses: Place the ring between your ankles, lie down on your back and lift legs straight up into the air begin squeezing the ring.

Super Man w/ Ring: Place the ring between your hands and lay flat on your stomach. Perform a super man and squeeze the ring together before you lower back down to the ground.

Full Sit Ups: Hold the ring between your hands with your arms straight out, start by laying flat on the ground squeeze the ring between your hands and slowing begin rolling up one vertebra at a time until the ring reaches towards your toes.

Ab Leg Lifts w/ Ring: Place the ring between your ankles and put slight pressure on the ring lie down on your back and lift and lower your legs keeping your core tight.

If you have any additional questions come into Live Fit and one of our personal trainers would love to help!