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Rebounder Workout

The new workout craze is upon us, rebounding has become increasingly more popular over the last year. What is rebounding you ask? It is literally jumping on a mini trampoline (think back to the 80′s). I must admit that I absolutely love this new type of workout. For me, it is a different form of cardio and it is a lot of fun! You can choose to just jump on the tramp or you can add some fun choreography. Below I have listed some pros and cons of rebounding which I hope will help you discover if this is a workout you would like to try on your own.


Low Impact
Improves Balance
Endurance Training for your lower body
Easily performed inside (also it is quiet if you live in an apartment)
High Intensity Cardio
Additional pro’s that I have heard, but could not find any scientific evidence are increased lymphatic flow, increased detoxification in the body, lowered blood pressure, and increased circulation.


Buying a rebounder can be expensive
Not many group classes offered/not many workout videos offered
Can be dangerous! I have fallen off many times.

I am all for this workout because it is something different and it is very fun! If you are looking for a fun cardio workout I would highly suggest giving rebounding a try!