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Race Day Tips

I remember the morning of my first 5k I was freaking out! My mind was racing with a lot of “what if’s,” which just made the thought of running even harder. Below I have listed a few tips to help you have as much confidence as possible when you get to your first 5k. Don’t forget that everyone there had the “first race” experience so just ask for help if you need it!

  • Volunteer or Spectate for another 5k: If you’re any thing like me you just need to have an idea of what is going to happen on race day. A great way to figure things out is to volunteer at another race or just watch another race. Attending a race prior to yours gives you a way to gather some intel and figure out how a race really works.

  • Be prepared: Make sure you are wearing clothes that you have run in before such as same socks, shoes, shorts, sports bra, and top. It’s no good when you buy a cute top and 5 minutes in you are chaffing underneath your armpits. Have your clothes laid out the night before so you’re not searching for that other sock on the morning of the race.

  • Get there early: I know races typically start early but you don’t want to be rushing around and make your self more nervous. Give you’re self some time to check in and wait in the long line for the bathroom.

  • Make sure to line up with your time group: My first race I thought it would be a great idea to start with a pace group that was way faster then I ran…I thought it will be good because they will just pass me and then I will have open space. I was right but running faster in the beginning just killed me!

  • Just have fun: a race is suppose to be a way to have fun, I don’t like wearing head phones so I can talk to people along the way. I have met some pretty awesome people while running 5k’s and it makes the time just fly by!

I hope these tips can help you feel more confident to sign up for that first race!