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Quitting Cold Turkey

I have clients and friends ask me very regularly if there is one thing they should do to kick-start their weight loss what should it be….and I always say cut your sugar intake! Unfortunately we love sugar way more then sugar loves us! Reducing your sugar intake can also reduce acid reflux, migraines, joint pain, fatigue and many other health issues along with weight loss. Now, how do we go about cutting sugar from our diets? Instead of cutting sugar out of our diets why don’t we think about what we can eat! You should focus on protein, vegetables, and healthy fats and make sure you are not drinking any sugary drinks. Make sure to be eating smaller meals throughout the day to prevent extreme hunger where you are more likely to make poor decisions. And last thing make sure to drink a lot of water! Water will help detox your body and remove traces of sugar left in your blood stream. Quiting sugar can be done, my best suggestion is to do it cold turkey, because the more sugar your eat the more sugar your body craves. As always come into Live Fit and one of our personal trainers would love to assist you in finding nutrition plan that is tailored to you and your needs.