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Calories are made up of three nutrients fat, carbohydrates, and protein. Each of these nutrients are extremely important for the human body, but today I want to discuss the importance of protein. Protein is made up of amino acids and they function as the building blocks for your muscles and body. Protein also helps build and repair your bodies connective tissue. The average adult needs between 50 and 60 grams of protein every day, which should be increased if you are working out strenuously or looking to gain muscle. Like I said previously, protein is made up of amino acids, which help repair and maintain muscle tissue so without protein your body cannot maintain muscle tissue. Protein is found in many different types of food. Meat is the most common source of protein but other foods also contain protein like dairy, nuts, and beans. It is important to consider the recovery effects of protein and you should aim to eat a high protein snack after working out. Protein also takes longer to digest which keeps your body feeling full and can help to limit cravings.