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Protect Your Skin

With summer right around the corner everyone needs to be aware of the damaging UV rays from the sun. I know most of us think about protecting your skin when you are at the swimming pool or at the lake but don’t forget to protect your skin when exercising outside. I am guilty of saying “oh I will only be running for 50 minutes I won’t get sunburnt” only to find that I am red by the time I get home. Sunscreen is necessary but wearing a hat and sunglasses could also help to protect you from the sun. For me, it is necessary to get a sunscreen that is specifically for my face because when I don’t it seems to get into my eyes and stings like crazy! Make sure to choose a sun screen that is sweat proof to prevent it from rubbing off right when you start sweating. Exercising outside allows you to change up your routine, so get out there but make sure to protect your self from the sun!