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Pro’s and Con’s of Activity Trackers

There has been a recent spike in the sales of activity trackers. Activity trackers are sold by most major fitness companies and do some of the following; track steps, track calories burn, track activity, monitor sleep, and detect your heart rate. I own the Polar Loop which I love, I use it most on days that I am not doing cardio because those days it is much harder for me to reach my step and activity goals. But there are cons to using these trackers as well. I have listed a pro and con list for activity trackers below. Let our personal trainers know if you like your activity tracker and what type you have!
• Encourage movement
• Inspire competition
• Track sleep to help recognize problems
• Track time of most activity so you are aware if you have been sitting too long
• Can be inaccurate
• Can cause over eating because of the calorie count. Do not eat more in a day just because your activity tracker says you burned extra calories. Eat if you are hungry and stop eating when you are full.
• Pricey
• Not suitable to wear with nice clothing so you only get to track while wearing more casual clothing
Overall I think activity trackers are amazing just don’t let them run your life!