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Proper Workout Shoes

Whether your workout involves high impact exercises like squat jumps or low impact exercises like walking the type of shoe you choose is extremely important. Investing in the proper shoe can help prevent foot, ankle, and knee injuries that can derail your workout plan. There are many types of sport shoes, ranging from running shoes that have built in shock absorbers to aerobic shoes that are lightweight to prevent fatigue, to high top shoes that help prevent ankle injuries. Make sure you are choosing a shoe that is correct for the type of activity you are performing. The proper shoe can help prevent common injuries and will lessen the impact of your step and cushion your foot. Last but not least make sure you are replacing your workout shoes often. Worn shoes do not provide your feet with adequate protection. Running shoes should be replaced after about 300 miles and you should always be checking the treads of your shoes. If there seems to extra ware in one area it is probably time to replace those shoes! There are a lot of great workout shoe stores in Kansas City that can help you pick the perfect shoe. Come into Live Fit today and we can suggest a few!